City of Vermillion holds Y2K community meeting

City of Vermillion holds Y2K community meeting The city of Vermillion hosted a Year 2000 Community Awareness meeting on June 12 where people interested in the Y2K bug were given the chance to air their concerns and ask questions about the city's level of compliance.

"We wanted to give the citizens of Vermillion the chance to ask their questions now, rather than wait until December and let things develop into a frenzy," said Matt Adamski, assistant to the city manager.

The two main issues covered were utilities and emergency services. With regard to electricity, Adamski stressed that Vermillion does not produce its own power.

"People need to remember that we purchase power from an outside source," he said. "So even though we are confident in our ability to remain operational, there is a chance that power might not even get to us."

Water and wastewater utilities were also discussed. While these utilities still depend upon electricity, they are controlled by flow levels or mechanical means. Adamski noted that these plants do not have much in the way of computerized equipment and should be immune to the computer glitch the world is fearing.

As far as emergency services are concerned, the city is confident that they will continue without interruption. Adamski said that one highlight of emergency services in general has been the recent plan between the city and Clay County to upgrade the enhanced 911 system with the necessary equipment and software it needs to face the new millennium.

"We are working to solve this (Y2K) problem as best we can," Adamski said. "However, no one can offer a 100 percent guarantee. Plan for this like a winter storm. A little extra food, maybe a couple of gallons of water on hand and top off your gas tank. South Dakotans have faced bigger problems than this that were complete surprises and made it through. We actually know this is coming and will be able to take it in stride."

If you have questions or would like more information on the city's Year 2000 project, contact Adamski at City Hall, 677-7050, or e-mail

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