City ordinances require lawn mowing

City ordinances require lawn mowing It's mowing season! The City of Vermillion Code Enforcement office reminds the residents of Vermillion that a city ordinance requires lawns to be kept under six inches long. In accordance with this ordinance the owners of lots within the city are requried to mow grass and weeds on both occupied and vacant lots.

Any occupied lot that has grass and/or weeds six inches or taller will be tagged with an orange notice. On the notice is a date by which the lawn should be taken care of. If the lawn is not mowed by that date, the city will hire a contractor to mow the lawn. The owner of the property will be billed for the contractor's work and also a $25 service charge by the city.

Any vacant lot that has grass and/or weeds that are 12 inches or taller will not be tagged, but a letter will be sent to the owner of the property notifying them of the violation and of the date that it should be mowed by. Again, if this is not done by this date, the owner will be billed for all expenses plus service charge.

Remember that the tag is just a notice. You will receive three days to mow the lot from the day it is tagged. Citizens' cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

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