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The monthly meeting of the Clay County Democrats was held at noon, June 9, at the Pro's Restaurant. Dr. Donald Dahlin, USD professor and vice president for academic affairs, was our featured speaker. He was introduced by Clay County Democrats vice chairman. Allen D. Johnson. Dr. Dahlin reviewed the work and accomplishments of the Commission of Federal Law Enforcement and described the structure of the committee, the charge of the committee, and the time constraints placed upon the committee.

The committee will need to submit its final report this fall. They have been discussing how best the laws of the land should be enforced and have listened to arguments from many interest groups, including the NRA. Questions brought up included how the law should be interpreted and how this interpretation could possibly effect whether or not a law would be applied as a federal, state or local law. It was interesting to note that a local citizen was appointed to this committee by Sen. Daschle along with other members appointed by equally well-known national politicians.

Berwyn Svoboda, chairman of the Clay County Democrats, reported on the fund-raising banquet which was held on May 22 at 6 p.m. at the Pro's Restaurant. Speakers were Frank Kloucek, senator from Bon Homme County and Judy Reedy Olson, state chairman for the South Dakota Democratic Party. Local auctioneer Hazen Bye assisted by Sen. Kloucek, in conducting a spirited auction with lots of good-natured bidding.

The next meeting of the Clay County Democrats will be held July 14 at the Pro's Restaurant at noon.

Country Gals 4-H

The Country Gals 4-H Club met June 12, 1999, at the Sioux Valley Vermillion Care Center. Bingo was played with the residents. Then lunch was enjoyed with the residents. Our next meeting will be July 12, 1999.

Leslie Larson


Senior Citizens Center

Two birthdays were celebrated at the Senior Citizens Center by Millie Engle and Eva Marshall who furnished refreshments.

There were eight pitch, four pinochle, four skip-bo and 23 bridge card players.

Prizes for bridge went to Ernie Miller, high; Marlys Miller, second; Jim Prosser, third; Lola Christensen, blind bogie and Stella Anker, low.

Join us at 1 p.m. No reservations are needed.

Vermillion Rotary Club

Jack Steiner, internal auditor for First Dakota National Bank, urged members of the Vermillion Rotary Club Tuesday not to be complacent about the so-called Y2K computer problem, especially if their lives and livelihood could be affected by the turn-of-the century technical "bug".

Some industries, according to Steiner, are reputed to be in good shape in preparing for the Year 2000 transition, while others are recognized as lagging. Billions of dollars and millions of man-hours have been spent on this issue.

Steiner said the best advice he could give a concerned person would be to find an authoritative source who could vouch for the readiness of the system in question. In the case of a personal computer or other personal electronic gear dependent on computer technology, the information source should be the most qualified outside vendor who would be in a position to both judge the equipment and complete appropriate testing.

Lisa Ketcham from Gateway's Vermillion call center was a club guest. Rotary meets weekly at the Silver Dollar.

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