Grand Piano Studio students earn awards

Grand Piano Studio students earn awards Twenty students from Grand Piano Studio, Vermillion, attended the National Piano Guild held at Augustana College in Sioux Falls. Students perform recital piano pieces from memory, scales, cadences, arpeggios, transposition and sight reading. An impartial adjudicator provided by the American College of Musicians located in Austin, TX heard each student perform their program. The following winners from Vermillion are instructed by Janis M. Yarbrough (ASCAP & PhD) from Grand Piano Studio here in Vermillion.

Students playing one song to earn a bronze pledge medal were winners Nick Britten, Hilary Callahan, Dan and Sarah Day, Taylor Jensen, and Jane Reasoner. Students playing four songs to earn a district bronze medal were winners Sarah Anderson and Janani Rogothaman. Fred Banks was a bronze hobbyist medal winner playing two selections.

Silver medal winners earning a state pin by playing seven pieces were Mark Rusch and David Yarbrough. Playing 10 pieces to earn a national gold metal were winners Brenda Banks, Elizabeth Day, Maggie and Molly Green, Paul C. Hammond, Tony Jensen, Jon Rusch, and Jade Van den Hul.

Jon and Mark Rusch have also earned a certificate and pin for five outstanding years of guild participation. They are the twin sons of Honorable Judge Arthur and Lana Rusch, Vermillion. Janis Yarbrough was also presented her fourth award for being named to the National Piano Guild Honor Roll for Teachers.

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