Plans made for Experiment Farm tour

Plans made for Experiment Farm tour Planting was finally finished on June 9 at the Southeast S.D. Experiment Farm, said Bob Berg, manager of the farm for South Dakota State University.

"For a while, we weren't sure if we would be able to have our summer tour. Some fields in our area are still too wet and may not get planted this spring," said Berg.

Six concurrent tours will begin at 3 p.m. on July 1, with separate hayrack rides for weed control, insects and diseases, soil fertility, crop production and forage management. Livestock research and farm safety projects will also be featured.

A meal will be served courtesy of the Southeast S.D. Farm Corporation.

Arrangements are also being made to offer continuing education credits for area Certified Crop Advisors.

Weed Control

Leon Wrage, Extension weed specialist, will highlight cocklebur, velvet leaf and other weed control issues in corn and soybeans on his tour.

Insects, Diseases

Mike Catangui, Extension entomologist, will discuss management strategies for using Bt corn and will report on current corn borer and other insect populations.

Marty Draper, Extension plant pathologist, will be on hand to talk about soybean seed treatments and other general crop diseases. A display and information will be available emphasizing ways to manage soybean cyst nematode. Berg said he expects to continue seeing soybean cyst nematode damage again this summer in southeast South Dakota.

Tom Chase, plant science professor at SDSU, will share insights on new races of phytophthora root rot affecting soybeans.

Soil Fertility

Ron Gelderman, manager of SDSU's Soils Laboratory, will discuss early season crop fertility, including starter fertilizer strategies and striping symptoms on corn.

Crop Production

This tour will highlight spring wheat, barley, and oat varieties with Bob Hall, Extension crops specialist. Hall will also answer questions about growth stages pertaining to crop damage.

Vance Owens, Extension forage specialist, will discuss management and production of alfalfa.

University specialists will conduct an interesting hands-on demonstration of site-specific farming and Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. They will show how to use GPS equipment for simple applications, such as determining field shape and area.

High Oil Corn Crop and

Livestock Production

South Dakota Corn Utilization Council grants partially fund a project to evaluate the use of high oil corn at the Southeast Research Farm for integrated crop and livestock enterprises.

Brad Johnson, Extension ruminant nutritionist, will outline the value of feeding high oil corn in cattle rations.

Brad Rops, research associate at the farm, will present preliminary swine performance results using high oil corn. Berg will summarize a couple of years of field crop research with high oil corn.

Several farm safety topics will be covered. A new soybean oil-based sunscreen is now being marketed. A grant from the Soybean Research and Promotion Council enables area Extension educators to demonstrate the damaging effect the sun's rays can have on skin and discuss ways to prevent serious damage.

Berg said area farmers faced a variety of planting challenges this spring.

"Some fields are completely finished, whereas others are still too wet to plant. In our vicinity, some crops look very good and others are having problems emerging because of crusting or have had hail damage or been washed out during recent thunderstorms," he said.

The farm, located six miles west and three miles south of Beresford, is owned by a non-profit organization of farmer-shareholders who make it available for research and management by SDSU's Agricultural Experiment Station. Tours are open to anyone interested and often draw visitors from four states.

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