Poker Alice Band receives state grant

Poker Alice Band receives state grant The Poker Alice Band is getting support from the state. Gov. Bill Janklow and the South Dakota Arts Council are awarding a $3,000 grant to the acoustic band to support their touring and performances in South Dakota communities.

"The arts are important to our quality of life and education. We need to take advantage of the opportunities these grants help provide, especially with our children," Janklow said.

Statewide, a total of $491,396 is being awarded to 106 organizations and artists, and result in over $7 million in local matching funds support for the arts. The support goes to a wide variety of art disciplines: dance, folk arts, literature, music, theater and visual arts.

"These grants help provide arts experiences to South Dakota communities of all sizes and involve over 10,000 local artists," Janklow said.

The grants go to non-profit organizations, schools and individual artists. The funding is used for matching-funds support for community arts councils' season of activities, support to major arts institutions, and assistance for special projects throughout the state. The grants are also used for touring performing artists and exhibitions as part of South Dakota Arts Council's Touring Arts Program.

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