Vermillion boxers gain experience at Watertown

Vermillion boxers gain experience at Watertown Fighters of Vermillion Boxing Team traveled to Watertown to meet the challenges from fighters out of Minnesota, Watertown, Sisseton and Sioux Falls in competition of a night of boxing in over 20 matched bouts from 65 pounds to 215 pound heavyweights in late April. Vermillion Boxing Club Marc Zimiga matched four Vermillion fighters with challengers from the region.

Thomas Barnes, in his first year of boxing with the team, took on a veteran challenger from Sisseton. The new pugilist showed promise as he went head to toe with his more experienced counterpart. Landing many impressive blows and combinations, the young fighter was able to go the distance losing on a decision. Zimiga was impressed with the manner in which the young fighter was able to withstand the attack of the more experienced opponent.

Terry Barnes took on an experienced challenger from Lower Brule. Barnes' ability to move from side to side, move in and punch, and able to counter-attack was effective at keeping his opponent at bay; however, after three grueling rounds, the challenger from Lower Brule was given the hard fought victory.

Scrappy Carles Baisden entered the ring fighting a taller, slightly older challenger from Sisseton and gave up an approximate 12" reach. The more experienced boxer was aptly challenged by Baisden's onslaught of combinations that included up to eight rapid punches and hooks. Baisden showed good ability to take and throw punches and at the end of three rounds congratulated his opponent for the hard fought victory.

Thunder Boxing's Andy Ammiotte had asked for a rematch with Vermillion's Oliver Hope. Hope met him in Vermillion's Boxing Smoker II and won a decision after putting the challenger on the mat. With conditioning, weight training, and intense workout, the Thunder Boxing pugilist was able to challenge Hope in all three rounds. Hope boxed a careful and strategic battle of counter-punching for the first two rounds. Hard straight right and lefts with powerful hooks were the hardware of the third round that took Hope to victory.

Zimiga noted that boxer John Holoch was not able to secure a matched bout in Watertown. He commented that the boxing team has shown steady improvement, capitalized on teamwork and has developed personal strategies for the improvement of the team and each individual fighter.

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