Business is booming

Business is booming Josh and Cole Blom Josh and Cole Blom are working on their third year as owners of the Dam Fireworks, located north of Gavins Point Dam west of Yankton and at Holmes Welding west of Vermillion, where this photo was taken. Josh, 16, and Cole, 13, are gaining experience as entrepreneurs in a highly competitive business, which is only open a few days a year. Each has his own responsibilities � Josh keeps track of inventory, orders supplies, balances the books and keeps tabs on the day-to-day operation, while Cole greets people at the door and tells them about the products. This is the first year they have operated the stand near Vermillion. Roger Holmes offered the spot to them, said their mother, Casey. "We really appreciated that," she said. "He told us there has been a fireworks stand there every year since 1949 when he started one as a kid and I don't think he wanted to see the tradition end." Josh and Cole plan to use the profits of their business to pay for college expenses in the future.

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