Christensen resigns, commission begins search for replacement

Christensen resigns, commission begins search for replacement by David Lias Because of their hectic personal schedules, the members of the Clay County Commission usually beat a quick path to the door once it�s time to adjourn from their regular meeting.

Commission Chairman Jerry Sommervold, however, managed to keep the members in the meeting chamber at the courthouse long enough July 27 to take care of some important business.

�Before we adjourn, we have one more official act to do here, and this is a resolution,� Sommervold said.

The resolution was written to honor Todd Christensen for his years of service as a Clay County commissioner. He is resigning from office, effective Aug. 1.

In a letter dated July 20, Christensen stated he must leave office because he has taken a full-time government meat inspection job with the USDA/FSIS. He previously had done similar work on a part-time basis.

Sommervold read the resolution aloud. It states that Christensen has served Clay County as a commissioner from May 1993 to present.

It also states that Christensen�s efforts on behalf of Clay County are highly appreciated.

�Therefore, be it resolved by the Clay County Board of Commissioners on behalf of the people of Clay County that Todd Christensen should be commended and thanked for his six years of service to the county,� Sommervold said.

�Thank you very much,� Christensen said to the commissioners after they voted unanimously to approve the resolution.

�Thank you,� Commissioner Gary Iverson replied enthusiastically.

Earlier in the meeting, Clay County State�s Attorney Tami Bern distributed copies of state law to commissioners that describe the steps they must take to replace Christensen, whose term doesn�t expire until January, 2000.

Commissioners have decided to advertise that the position is available, even though state law doesn�t require it. The commission hopes to get a list of names of citizens interested in serving on the board.

People wishing to be considered for appointment to the commission may contact Auditor Ruth Brunick in writing.

Two people have already indicated their interest in the position.

Bern told the commission that state law requires that the county auditor serve on the commission until Christensen�s replacement is appointed.

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