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The Union County Historical Society met June 21 at the museum with 25 people present. A birthday party was held for two of our charter members, Derald Kaiser and Marlo Waterbury, who were born on the same day in the same hospital and had the same doctor 75 years ago. Another charter member, Rose Primm, who is leaving town to move to Nebraska, was remembered at the party.

Acquisitions for the month are: Rose Primm, 50 article books, maps, a 1910 Yankton County atlas and three family histories to put in our growing library; Ross and Audrey Armstrong gave an Erichsen family book about a well known and active Alcester business man; Dr. James Costar gave a Lewis and Clark map, Washington state and Fort Clatsop brochures; Neva Gardiner gave pictures of homes that Ray Gardiner had moved and other pictures; Stella Slattery gave Meatloaf Lovers Cookbook by Earl Bhilmeyer; Karen Engstrom gave French, Fenton, Arnold and Dutton family history and pictures; Blanche Gregory and June Wade were donors of the corn grader; Evelyn Hanson gave two microwave cabinets; Oliver Holtzman gave a Holtzman family history.

The Society was at North Sioux City Days with our hobby show. The displays present were: Abbott and Costello collection, Blue Flow dishes, cigar boxes, milk bottles, pictures of North Sioux City area, postcards of the North Sioux City and Riverside area, and original PC paintings.

The deadline of Aug. 1 for entering the photo contest is fast approaching. Be sure to print your name and address and a brief description on your entries. We will be displaying entries during August at the museum. The photos may be left off at the museum on Saturday or Sunday afternoons except for July 4 as the museum will not be open that day. Or send them to Box 552, Elk Point SD 57025.

The UCHS is going to discontinue membership cards and publish the list of members twice a year and new members as they come, in the "Sands of Time." Much of the information will be on your mailing label.

Harold and Helen Johnson of Akron, IA, presented the program for the evening. Harold is an accomplished clock rejuvenator and collector. He has about 200 clocks. This reporter's favorites were the huge looking pocket watch, possibly nine inches in diameter and the cuckoo clock which made itself known throughout the evening. This was a two-foot tall ornate cuckoo clock. His oldest clock was a 1750 one-handed, weight driven clock. Rope was necessary to drive this clock. This one has a rope long enough for 12 hours.

Vermillion Rotary Club

The Vermillion Rotary Club met at noon at the Silver Dollar Restaurant on June 29. Dr. Randy Houska presented an enjoyable overview of what is ahead and what has remained the same in dentistry. Although materials have changed from gold and mercury to tooth colored restorations, gold is still the number one choice for large fillings. He said that the resin fillings have come a long way though and they tend to last 10 or so years depending upon the tooth.

Cosmetic surgery procedures were covered such as using tooth colored materials to close gaps. There are little changes that take less than an hour to fix which will dramatically change the smile.

Dr. Houska explained that periodontal disease is bone loss due to bacteria growth. Undetection of periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss. Treatment through meticulous cleaning and root planing and scaling helps although if the tooth is lost there are methods of replacing them such as bridges or fixed implants.

Dr. Houska fielded questions regarding the various new techniques in dentistry such as lasers and bleaching of teeth. The presentation was sprinkled with humorous dental cartoons. At the end of the program, President Bruce Smith handed over the gavel to incoming President Randy Houska.

Senior Citizens Center

We missed last week's card party information because we were out of state.

On Wednesday, June 23 there were 10 pitch, eight pinochle, three skip-bo and 17 bridge players.

Prizes for bridge went to: Leona Kruger, high; Ernie Miller, second; Louella Watson, third; Adeline Isaacson, blind bogie and Marlys Miller, low.

Refreshments were furnished by Monica Ballard, Veronica Heimes and Marlys Miller.

After the rain in early morning we actually saw the sun for the afternoon.

Our monthly card party Monday, June 28 had 12 pinochle, 10 pitch and 16 bridge players.

Bridge prizes were given to Louise Scott, high; Leona Kryger, second; Kathleen Block, third; Ferne Wirth, blind bogie and Marilyn Sieke, low.

Refreshments were furnished by Bill and Donna Knudson.

Door prize drawings: Anna Lawrensen, other drawings: Marie Parke, Midge Carlson, Jim Prosser, Erna Frahm, Peggy Mollet, Ferne Wirth and Leona Krugger.

Regular card parties are held every Wednesday and the last Monday of the month, all at 1 p.m. � join us.

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