Double header results in split between Scotland and Post #1

Double header results in split between Scotland and Post #1 In the comic strip "Lil Abner" there was a character who walked around with a little cloud over his head with rain falling only on him. I think Al Capp named him "Joe Blfstk."

Because of the many rain-outs this summer it appeared that Post #1 was afflicted by the same problem.

Another make-up double header resulted in a split with Scotland 5-8 and 9-5.

In the first game, Vermillion was held to five hits and three walks while giving up six hits and seven walks. Scotland's offense was led by Nick Liebel's two for four, a home run and two RBIs.

Runs Hits Errors

Post #1 5 5 1

Scotland 8 6 5

Oh, those bases on balls!

In the second game, Post #1 scored three runs as Scotland's pitcher surrendered five walks and the catcher commited three passed balls in the first inning and four runs were scored in the second on two hits and another four bases on balls (see what I mean).

Scotland had three runs in the first also, as a result of three hits and one error, but Vermillion tightened up its defense and gave up two runs for the rest of the game.

Runs Hits Errors

Post #1 10 4 3

Scotland 5 8 4

Jason Madson went zero for one but, scored three by being on base three times on three walks. Tyler Vacek was two for three, scoring twice, driving in two. Tim Broderson scored twice and pitched a complete game for the win.

Vermillion's season record is (14-16).

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