Ex-custodian claims he’s owed more pay; commission disagrees

Ex-custodian claims he's owed more pay; commission disagrees by David Lias Mark Karcher had little success Tuesday as he appeared before the Clay County Commission and claimed that the county owed him money.

�Basically, I was shorted monies by about $400 on my last check,� he told the commissioners.

Karcher quit his job as the custodian at the courthouse in April after working there for several months.

His last paycheck, he said, totaled only $97.72. He said he estimates that he should have received $405.82.

Not long after he began working as custodian, the commission told Karcher to report to County Auditor Ruth Brunick.

�After Jan. 22, she started asking for a copy of my time sheet,� Karcher said. �Why I was singled out and nobody else was, I don�t know.�

Karcher said on Feb. 19, Brunick told him he had comp time, but then in late March, she told him that he had a lot of work time to make up.

Brunick said she never told Karcher he had comp time, but did tell him to go home one day after she caught him sleeping on the job. He claimed he was ill.

Brunick added that just before he put in his last day of work, Karcher�s personnel file disappeared. The county�s vacuum cleaner was found hidden under a desk, and the key to the county�s mower is missing.

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