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FSA Notes by Keith Zanter 1999 Crop acreage reporting requirements

Acreage reports are required for producers who plant fruits and vegetables (FAV) and are enrolled in AMTA (farm program). Reports are also required by producers who request benefits under the price support program to seal grain or obtain a loan deficiency payments.

Other acreages that must be reported are Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and Non-Insured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP).

NAP crops such as alfalfa, hay, millet, etc., must be reported by the earlier of the following: 1) within 15 days from the date the NAP crop is affected and before the crop is destroyed or devoted to an alternative use. 2) before the NAP crop is harvested. 3) or by July 15.

Voluntary acreage reports will be accepted by the Clay County Office. Acreage reports must be filed by July 15 to be considered timely filed. Late-filed acreage reports will cost $20 per farm to verify reported acreages.

Please call the office to set up an appointment to report your acres planted after you have completed planting at 605-624-7060 Ext. #2.

Flood compensation program

The Clay County Farm Service Agency is taking applications for the 1998 Flood Compensation Program. This program is to provide benefits for land inaccessible due to excessive moisture in 1998 which was accessible in 1992.

A recent change will allow land that was planted in 1998 and then flooded to be eligible, as long as no agricultural benefit was received from those acres. No crop insurance or other federal program benefits could have been received on these acres.

If you were affected by flooding in 1998 and are interested in applying, please call for an appointment at 605-624-7060 Ext. #2. The application deadline is July 16.

Dates to remember

July 15 � Deadline to certify cropland acres.

July 16 � Deadline to apply for the Flood Compensation Program.

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