Hettinger falls hard to Post #1 in tourney game

Hettinger falls hard to Post #1 in tourney game In the final game of the Rapid City Pepsi Tournament, Tom Dorcey had a shakey start, walking two and hitting a batter and giving up four unearned runs to the first four batters.

Matt Knutson had an early call from the bullpen and pitched a two-hit, two-run performance the rest of the way to claim a lopsided victory.

Runs Hits Errors

Post #1 18 13 6

Hettinger 6 2 10

Winning Pitcher: Knutson. Losing Pitcher: Fabrial.

Three players for Vermillion scored three runs each: Tim Broderson was four for five with four RBIs; Tyler Vacek was on base four times and drove in one run; and Troy Rickord scored every time he was on base also having three RBIs.

Nick Mayer batted .500 driving in two runs with a sacrifice fly and single. Aaron Baedke scored twice as did Jason Madsen. Todd Anderson and Stephen Varns each scored a run during their only appearance at the plate (Varns had a three-base hit). Note: Post #1 scored seven runs in the top of the seventh inning to create the wide disparity in the score.

The 2-2 won/loss tournament record brings the season record to 17-20.

Coach Devin Schwiesow was pleased with the overall performance of the team.

"The weekend was exactly what our baseball needed," he said. "We are playing our best baseball of the season and look forward to the next weekend play in our regional tourney."

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