Letters Godspell was outstanding production

To the editor:

The performance of Godspell by a cast of 12 young people, mainly of high school age from Vermillion, Elk Point-Jefferson and Centerville public schools, was one of the most outstanding productions of its type that we have witnessed in our 46 years of residency in Vermillion.

To single out any member of the cast would not be fair to the others. Everyone was a star! Musical directors Jan Ireland and Jeanne Dahlin as well as stage directors Buffie Main and Jill Tyler did a highly professional job in their various capacities. The band, consisting of Pastor Steve Miller, Bruce Gray, Mike Myers, Jeanne Dahlin and Jan Ireland, added their talented musical expertise to the show. Kudos to the production crew, artists crew and loyal supporter Bill Farber.

The enthusiasm, professionalism, plus the overall message of Godspell kept the audience in various moods ranging from laughter to religioso. If you were unable to attend a performance you missed an outstanding production, Bravo!

Margaret and Ray DeVilbiss


Don't overlook youth's good works

To the editor:

The youth of the United States is capable of so many things. American youth have been known to shoot their peers in schools, buy and sell drugs, participate in gang violence and many other horrible acts of crime and violence.

I am starting to fear that is what I am being seen as. A criminal. My only crime, however, is being 16.

I have heard the phrase "You can do anything you want to, just as long as you set your mind to it" about 3,000 times in my 16 years of existence on this planet, and I want to believe it. I really do. That corny phrase is what's pushing me to write this letter.

That corny phrase is sometimes the only thing pushing me forward, when everything and everyone seems to be pulling me back. Young adults have always had a hard time. We are right in the middle of wanting to be children but we are also forced to make very adult decisions. That is the way it has always been. And probably always will be.

But because of modern technology and media it is probably harder for me than it was for my parents. Let me explain. Presently, there are fewer restrictions on what can be presented to the public on television, radio and newspapers. It is also much easier to display�the bad things that happen in society than the good.

People sometimes forget why it's easier to show the bad things. It is so much easier because the good things outnumber the bad by such a vast margin.

Don't think that I am trying to ask people to overlook the horrible crimes that juveniles commit. What I am asking is not to overlook the sometimes unnoticed acts that we, America's future, commit to try and better ourselves, the community and the world.

Jennifer Dickenson


People can make a difference

To the editor:

If one person can make a difference, imagine the power of 1,000 people! We are Students Enhancing Resources for Vermillion Enrichment (SERVE) and we would like to make a difference in our community. SERVE is a very successful community service organization at The University of South Dakota consisting of over 200 student volunteers. SERVE coordinates six programs for the Vermillion community: Big Pal/Little Pal, Into-The-Streets, Adopt-A-Grandparent, Adopt-A-School, Caring Connections and Heros.

Last year, over 1.3 million Americans joined in thousands of communities across the country to make the eighth annual Make A Difference Day. On that day, 14 million people were touched by our nation's largest day of outreach to others. The students at The University of South Dakota would like to join this force.

On Oct. 23, over 1,000 volunteers are expected to make a difference in the Vermillion community. Our goal is to perform "Random Acts of Kindness" for various people in need by involving the entire community in the fund-raiser. The fund-raiser will take place on Make A Difference Day and will be in the form of a Bowl-A-Thon at Prairie Lanes in Vermillion. We are currently expecting around 150 teams of five to help us in our fund-raiser.

Each team is required a minimum entry fee of $50. This is only $10 per bowler and all proceeds go directly to the community. However, it is highly encouraged that every participant utilize his/her fund-raising skills and donate more if at all possible.

Our efforts will focus on those in need who are most times overlooked and brushed to the side. Already, we have put much time and hard work in the Make A Difference Day Bowl-A-Thon. What we ask of you is simple. Please become involved; we ask for any assistance possible.

We are looking for support in the form of bowling teams or cash donations. Remember that all donations go to an excellent cause.

You will be receiving additional information on the Make A Difference Day fund-raiser in the near future. But don't sit back and wait to hear from us once again. Please begin your fund-raising now.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Chantel Baloun at (605) 624-7410 or e-mail me at cbaloun @sundance.usd.edu and I will be more than happy to assist you. Thank you for your time and please consider assisting the Make A Difference Day fund-raiser.

Chantel Baloun


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