Local Boy Scouts enjoy Colorado trip

Local Boy Scouts enjoy Colorado trip Ten Boy Scouts and five adults from Vermillion Troop 66 recently completed a week-long trip to Colorado where they enjoyed a variety of activities including white-water rafting and mountain climbing. Local scouts who went on the trip included Nathaniel Chandler, Tom Dendinger, Steve Geidosh, Adam Nelson, Blake Ollivier, Jon Rusch, Mark Rusch, Jason Smith, Todd Stephens and Mark Vickrey.

It took the scouts two days to get to Buena Vista, CO, where they camped along the banks of the Arkansas River. On their day-long, white-water raft trip down the Arkansas River, they encountered many rapids including a number of Class 3 rapids which provided plenty of thrills. Only two scouts, Nelson and Smith, were washed out of the rafts but they were quickly recovered by the following raft. The white-water rafting with River Runners, Inc. of Buena Vista, who provided the rafts and guides, was the highlight of the entire trip.

The next day the Scouts attempted to climb Mt. Yale, a 14,000 foot peak in the Collegiate Range of mountains. However, rain, hail and the effects of altitude prevented most of the Scouts from reaching the peak. However, the climb was through some outstanding scenery with views of other mountain peaks and snow fields.

During the rest of their trip the boys visited the Garden of the Gods and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and Lake McConaughy in western Nebraska.

The trip was the result of six months of planning by the troop. Equipment lists and menus were prepared by the scouts themselves and they assumed responsibility for the cooking and KP duties each day. The boys particularly enjoyed the cakes and brownies that they cooked on the campfire each night using a dutch oven.

Troop 66 is sponsored by the Vermillion United Church of Christ. Royce Engstrom is the scoutmaster. Adults who went on the trip in addition to Engstrom were Bill Dendinger, Tony Nelson, Joe Ollivier and Art Rusch.

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