Task force will study SD wages

Task force will study SD wages Gov. Bill Janklow has appointed a group of 19 South Dakotans to study the issue of wages in the state. Janklow says he wants the bi-partisan group to provide baseline information about wages that everyone can use in future discussions about jobs and economic development.

"What we need is basic information that everyone can work from when discussing policy issues," Janklow said. "We need to get beyond throwing numbers and accusations around."

The Governor's Wage Study Task Force will research wage rates, income and disposable income benefits in comparable positions. The information will be analyzed relative to community sizes, types of businesses, neighboring states and national averages.

Data collection and research analysis will be done by the state Department of Labor and the Business Research Bureau of The University of South Dakota.

Ron Wheeler, head of the governor's economic development office, and Noel Hamiel, publisher of the Mitchell Daily Republic, will serve as co-chairs of the task force. The group is to report its findings by the first of November.

Tack force members are: Mark Anderson, Sioux Falls, Cleota Burnette, Sioux Falls, Dr. Robert Burns, Brookings, Thomas Cihak, Yankton, Michael Fokken, Hartford, Pete Fuller, Lead, G. Todd Garry, Webster, Noel Hamiel, Mitchell, Natalie Harer, Gettysburg, Jack Holmquest, Watertown, Colette Hull, Sisseton, Warren Lotsberg, Huron, Kristine Malloy, Parkston, Cynthia Mayes, Custer, Daniel Noteboom, Corsica, Mary Vanderlinde, Sioux Falls, Kim Vanneman, Ideal, Brad Wheeler, Lemmon and Ron Wheeler, Pierre.

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