World’s Largest Junior Golf Tourney held at The Bluffs

World's Largest Junior Golf Tourney held at The Bluffs by Jim Prosser Forty-three junior golfers participated in the PGA sponsored World�s Largest Junior Golf Tournament at The Bluffs on Monday, July 19. There was competition in six divisions with each first place winner receiving a trophy and a possible trip to the next level in the tournament.

Results are:

Boys 12-17 age group (18 holes)

1st: Colin Mitchell � Sioux City, 2nd; Rob Schaak � Vermillion.

9-11 ages (9 hole)

1st: Kyle Brunick � Vermillion; 2nd: Donny Stewart � Vermillion; 3rd: Shawn Vietz � Vermillion.

Girls 12-17 age group (18 holes)

1st: Stephanie Limoges � Elk Point; 2nd: Alyssa Chesley � Yankton.

9-11 ages (9 holes)

1st: Brooke Nelson � Crofton; 2nd: Emily Houska � Vermillion.

6-8 ages (3 holes)

1st: Chelsea Houska � Vermillion.

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