Adam Chandler is winner of Men’s Club tourney

Adam Chandler is winner of Men's Club tourney First round low scores in each flight of the Bluffs Mens' Club Tournament Aug. 3:

Championship Flight

18 holes, Gold Tees

Adam Chandler (74); Greg Baedke (74); Rick Haught (78); Dennis Chandler (78).

First Flight

Front 9, Blue Tees

Don Scheidel (36); Chad Brunick (36); Irl Oaks (38); Clark Lewison (39).

Second Flight

Front 9, Blue Tees

Erik Ehli (39); Ross Johnson (41); Ellis Jensen (41); Andy York (41).

Third Flight

Front 9, Blue Tees

Jeff Amundson (38); Dave Gottsleben (40); Harland Durkin (42); Mike Kruse (42).

Fourth Flight

Front 9, Blue Tees

David Friesen (42); Mike Stewart (43); Steve Donnely (45); Dwight Iverson (46).

Fifth Flight

Front 9, Blue Tees

Jere Chapman (44); Dave Reich (46); Josh Kimlicka (48); Keith Joy (49).

Final results on Tuesday, Aug. 10 were:

Adam Chandler, with a sparkling 34, 33-67 five under par second 18-hole round, established himself as the 1999 Club Champion with a total winning score of 141. Greg Baedke finished second at 150 and Rick Haught and Jon Dimmick tied for third (154) while Bill Willroth placed fifth.

Other flight winners were:

1st Flight

First � Don Scheidel (78)

Second � Chad Brunick (80)

Third � Irl Oaks (81)

2nd Flight

First � Ross Johnson (83) (handicap scorecard tiebreaker)

Second � Erik Ehli (83)

Third � Andy York (84)

Fourth � Mark Ferris (85)

3rd Flight

First � Pat Amundson (80)

Second � Harland Durkin (85)

Third � Dave Gottsleben (88)

Fourth � Rex Huska (91)

4th Flight

First � David Friesen (89)

Second � Steve Donnelly (94)

Third � Mike Stewart (95)

Fourth � Tim Gregoire (96)

5th Flight

First � Jere Chapman (93)

Second � Dave Brunick (94)

Third � Dave Reich 101)

Fourth � Keith Joy (105)

Entrants participating in the tournament numbered 125.

Note: League playoffs start next Tuesday, Aug. 17. Teams placing third through sixth will play the first round (first and second place teams have a first round bye). Check with the Pro-Shop for the assigned tee times.

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