Bickett attends science institute

Bickett attends science institute Thirty K-6 teachers from South Dakota recently participated in FOSS (Full Option Service System), a weeklong summer science education institute at The University of South Dakota School of Education.

Funded by a $26,000 Eisenhower Higher Education Professional Development Program Grant, the institute was designed to ensure teachers and administrators access to high quality professional development.

Institute participants included Angie Bickett of Vermillion.

"During the week, the teachers are put through a very intense program," said School of Education Professor Robert Wood. "The institute helps participants become more competent and significantly better elementary teachers when they return to school in the fall."

During the institute, participants were introduced to the FOSS modular science kits, designed for students of all developmental levels. Each module has its own unique materials kit, which provides all of the necessary materials for students to perform the activities. Videodisks and computer software are also available in each kit.

The FOSS kits cover various topics including insects, physics of sound, and the human body. Teachers studied the kits and then planned lessons, based on the kits, for other institute participants. Participants also studied the integration of technology and learned new ways of incorporating cultural diversity into the science classroom.

For more information, contact: Professor Robert Wood, USD School of Education, (605) 677-5823.

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