Clubs Senior Citizens Center

On Wednesday, Aug. 11, 35 card players enjoyed the afternoon at the Senior Citizens Center. Eight played pitch, eight pinochle, two skip-bo and 17 bridge.

Bridge prizes went to: Marlys Miller, high; Shirley Richle, second, Adeline Isaacson, third, Maurice Erickson, blind bogey and Eve Marshall, low.

Refreshments were furnished by Shirley Riehle and Adeline Isaacson.

Correction � China painting is at 9 a.m. only on Friday.

Clay County Democrats

The monthly meeting of the Clay County Democrats was held at noon Aug. 11 at the Pro's Restaurant. Bonnie Sorensen, manager, Vermillion Chamber of Commerce, was the guest speaker. Dr. Allen Johnson, co-chair of the Clay County Democrats, introduced Sorensen, who spoke of the plans in progress to observe the celebration of the bicentennial of Lewis and Clark's visit to Spirit Mound. Sorensen spoke about the Spirit of Lewis and Clark Festival which will take place on Aug. 25 (this is the actual date that Lewis and Clark visited Spirit Mound) at the W.H. Over Museum. Festivities will begin with a flag raising ceremony. Hy-Vee will be preparing buffalo burgers on the premises and there will be activities for all ages including a special frisbee toss for children.

A summary of the activities during the past month was given by Berwyn Svoboda and Allen Johnson. They gave the results of a straw poll which had been conducted at the Clay County Fair. One question asked was "What should be done with the federal surplus; should the surplus be used to retire the national debt therefore saving interest; or, should all citizens be given a tax rebate?" A majority of those responding (90 percent) felt the debt should be retired thus saving interest. A second question: "Should funding for the Veteran's Administration remain as is, be increased or be decreased?" showed that most of those who answered, (89 percent) felt that the funding should be increased with no one in favor of a decrease.

The Clay County Democrats offered people attending the fair the opportunity to register for a year's free subscription to the South Dakota magazine. Ardell Hatch, Vermillion, had his name drawn by Bonnie Sorensen during the monthly meeting. Hatch will receive the magazine for a year thanks to the generosity of publisher, Bernie Hunhoff. Preliminary plans for a yard sale were discussed. The sale will be held in September and will take place at 2111 North University Road. Members were asked to deliver or request that articles be picked up for the sale. A bake sale will be held in conjunction with the yard sale.

The next meeting of the Clay County Democrats will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 8 at the Pro's at noon; everyone is welcome. At that time, final details will be available concerning the visit of Vice President Al Gore and Bill Bradley to Sioux City.

Vermillion Rotary Club

"Spirit Mound After Lewis and Clark" was the topic of a presentation by Kent Scribner, vice president of the USD Foundation, at the weekly Rotary Club luncheon Tuesday noon at the Silver Dollar.

On Aug. 25, 1804, the two explorer captains and several members of their corps stopped on their way west and left the Missouri River for the day to visit the mound. At that time, this hill, six miles north of present-day Vermillion, was a superstitious place for nearby Indian tribes. They would not climb it because they believed that "little spirits" lived there. While satisfying their curiosity, all Lewis and Clark saw from atop Spirit Mound was grass, buffalo and almost no trees.

Following the end of the fur trade era and the move of the Yankton Sioux tribe to their reservation in what is now Charles Mix County, the Spirit Mound vicinity saw much homesteading and farming, and it has retained its rural character to this day.

The approaching bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition from 2003 to 2006 will bring thousands of tourists to the Vermillion-Spirit Mound area, according to Scribner. The federal and state governments are currently in discussions to develop a historic site at the mound, the details of which are still to be determined.

Scribner urged Rotarians to participate in Vermillion's first "Spirit of Lewis and Clark Festival" next Wednesday evening at the W.H. Over Museum, sponsored by the Vermillion Area Chamber of Commerce. Scheduling of the event relates to the 195th anniversary of the explorers' visit to Spirit Mound.

Rotary guests this week included Terry Harris and Brendyn Richards.

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