Karol Brodersen attends school nurse conference

Karol Brodersen attends school nurse conference Karol Brodersen of Vermillion Public Schools attended the seventh annual Conference of the South Dakota School Nurse Association held on July 26 and 27 at the Holiday Inn of the Northern Hills in Spearfish. The conference was titled Potpourri for School Nurses. Featured topics included orthopedic emergencies, common skin rashes, disordered eating, the changing role of the school nurse, violence and the role of the school nurse, networking between nursing staff and special services, vision screening and traumatic eye injuries, stress and teens and calcium.

School nurses are committed to advancing school health education and providing health care services for the children of South Dakota. According to a 1997 survey conducted by the South Dakota Department of Health and the South Dakota Department of Education's Comprehensive School Health Policy and Accountability program, there are nearly 92 school nurses employed by 176 school districts and another 117 public school districts who contract for nursing services with the Department of Health or Indian Health Service. The survey found that each South Dakota school nurse supervises school health care for an average of 1,444 children who may range in age from newborn to 21 years old.

School nurses function in a public health role that includes monitoring the immunization status of all South Dakota school children, performing health screenings, giving and supervising medications required by school children and performing skilled nursing procedures in the school setting such as tube feedings, tracheostomy care, catheterizations, diabetic care, nebulizer treatments and colostomy care. School nurses make a real difference by providing for the safe management of child health concerns to allow children to learn with their peers in South Dakota schools.

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