Local golfers benefit from ‘home course’ familiarity

Local golfers benefit from 'home course' familiarity Nearly 600 rounds were played during the three-day Pre-Senior Tournament weekend July 30-Aug. 1.

There were eight flights determined by handicap and seven Vermillion golfers were assigned in several different flights. Some other area players, in addition to the 40- to 54- year-old golfers from all over the state of South Dakota, participated.

John Anderson of Sioux Falls won first place in the championship flight with a total score of 143, one under par. No other participant broke par as the golfers had some problems with the lay-out of the course.

However, Rick Haught was first in Flight #1, Roger Heirigs came in seventh in Flight #2, Bob "Cubs" Bowker placed third in Flight #4 and Gary Prosser came in first and Don Scheidel second in the Flight #5 to demonstrate that familiarity and knowledge of the home course can be a great help.

A couple of entrants were recognized at the tourney: Paul Ortman (area official for athletic events) and Joe Vig who also referees for Vermillion High School sports activities. Also, Gary Reed, a Vermillion product (Carl and Meryl's son) placed seventh in Flight #1. Tom Schaak was entered in Flight #7 and Don Harris was in Flight #3 to complete a representative contingent from The Bluffs.

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