Most wanted posters find parents who owe child support

Most wanted posters find parents who owe child support Eight of South Dakota's people most wanted for non-payment of child support are appearing on the latest Most Wanted poster issued by the state's Department of Social Services.

Since the department implemented the Most Wanted Poster Campaign in 1995, more than $130,000 has been collected from people appearing on the poster.

"The majority of parents not living with their children provide support, but we're very serious about collecting child support from the parents who don't," said Gov. Bill Janklow.

Of the 36 people who have appeared on the poster, Janklow said 23 have made payments, one is deceased, two are in another country and 10 haven't been found or have a pending action against them.

This year's poster contains the names and photographs of eight non-custodial parents who have failed to pay their child support. Physical descriptions, the amount of support owed and last known addresses are also included on the poster.

South Dakota has one of the most effective Child Support Enforcement Programs in the country based on federal annual statistical reports and is recognized by a study conducted by the Children's Defense Fund. South Dakota's program collected more than $43.6 million in fiscal year 1999, a 10 percent increase over the previous year.

The posters will be sent to post offices located in the most heavily populated areas of the state and local law enforcement agencies. It will also be shown on local cable television stations in Watertown and Rapid City and is available on the state's Child Support Enforcement site at

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