School days begin Thursday in district

School days begin Thursday in district Superintendent Bob Mayer addresses Vermillion School District teachers and administrators Tuesday as they met in the library at Vermillion High School. District personnel were busy all week with meetings and other activities in preparation of the kickoff of a new school year in Vermillion Thursday. by David Lias Thursday was a day that many youth may have dreaded and parents have long looked forward to � the first day of school.

It was a time that brought nervous butterflies to the stomachs in those students who are new to the Vermillion School District.

But those who are familiar with the school system�s buildings, teachers and administration likely discovered that not too many things have changed since the end of the 1998-99 school year last spring.

�One of the biggest changes that high school students can expect eventually is the start of construction,� said Superintendent Bob Mayer, referring to the new gymnasium, new auditorium, expanded commons and expanded library that will be built at the high school later this school year. �Right now, we haven�t bid it, but the cost has been trimmed to $90,000. We�ve done that without cheapening the project.�

Other changes include the addition of French to the high school curriculum.

The school district has also developed an emergency response plan with the Vermillion Police Department.

Mayer said he didn�t know whether the part-time school resource officer from last year would return to the district.


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