Students named to USD dean’s lists

Students named to USD dean's lists The University of South Dakota has named students to the 1999 spring semester dean's lists. The lists are broken into the various schools and colleges, according to that academic unit criterion for dean's list eligibility.

School of Education

Dean Larry Bright has named 190 students in the School of Education to the spring semester dean's list. The list includes students pursuing a bachelor of science degree in education, bachelor of science degree in recreation or bachelor of science degree in allied health. In order to be eligible for the dean's list, students must carry at least 12 semester hours and earn at least a 3.5 grade point average on a 4.0 scale. Students with a 4.0 grade point average are noted with an asterisk (*).

Meckling � Staci L. Larson*, special education; Becky A. Vogel, elementary education.

Vermillion � Jill M. Albertsen, physical education; Stacy J. Akins, elementary education; Michelle A. Benton, physical education; Lisa M. Brooling, elementary/special education; Stephanie L. Daale*, elementary education; Filip Filipovic, physical education; Billie M. Granstra, elementary/special education; Ryan A. Hage, physical education; Carrie L. Heidecker, elementary education; Robin J. Hoenke, mathematics; Rebecca J. Hudec*, elementary education; Karlette R. Juhnke, elementary/special education; Erica C. Kirby, elementary education; Serena J. Swenson*, elementary education; Gary C. Lundeen, English education; Debbie L. Mattix, alcohol/drug abuse studies; Jennifer L. Madsen, elementary education; Christopher T. Maske, education; Brandi C. Martinez, elementary education; Laura A. McMillan, Spanish education; Monica Montgomery, physical education; Jennifer D. Mollet*, elementary education; Casey D. O'Connor, elementary education; Darcy J. Kovarna, elementary education; Patrick H. Sayler, mathematics; Kerry L. Swatek*, special education; Chen-Pang Sung*, recreation; Holly A. Rath, physical education; Rebecca G. Ratzsch, alcohol/drug abuse studies; Carrie R. Rydstrom, physical education; Kristen M. Iverson*, elementary education; Kristel Morgan*, physical education; Heather Y. Trefz, English education; Kathryn K. Van Kley, recreation.

School of Business

School of Business Dean Jerry Johnson has named 75 students to the spring dean's list that have compiled at least a 3.2 grade point average on a 4.0 scale. A maximum of 20 percent of the students in the class is allowed on the list, so the grade point average requirements may be higher for some classes. Students with a 4.0 grade point average are noted with an asterisk (*).

Vermillion � Kellie Englehart, management; Jeffrey J. Ketelhut, economics; Dee A. Kelley*, management; Kelley J. Mitchell, accounting; Sonja L. Stores, administration; Jennifer A. Van Essen*, administration.

Wakonda � Jill E. Johnson, management.

College of Fine Arts

Dean John Day has named 120 students to the spring dean's list that compiled at least a 3.4 grade point average on a 4.0 scale. Students earning a 4.0 grade point average are noted with an asterisk (*).

Vermillion � Ann M. LeDuc*, mass communication; Ryan L. Sevening*, mass communication; Theresa M. Kolbeck*, mass communication; Kimberly A. Rasmussen*, mass communication; Giles Timms*, art; Benjamin E. Severson*, art; Susan M. Heggestad*, art; Laura J. Haugen *, art; Jennifer S. Bliss*, theater; Michelle D. Schettler*, music; Anthony R. Burbach*, music appreciation; Gretchen M. Burbach*, music education; Randy G. McMillan*, music education; Mandy L. Hall*, mass communication; Jennifer M. Tracy*, mass communication; Andrew C. Jones*, mass communication; Keith M. Mast*, pre-mass communication.

College of Arts & Sciences

Dean John Carlson has honored 235 students in the College of Arts and Sciences at The University of South Dakota to the spring semester dean's list. To qualify for the list, students must rank in the top 10 percent of their class. Students who earned a 4.0 grade point average are noted with an asterisk (*).

Vermillion � Arlan C. Aakre*, math; Fabiana M. Arrobba*; Hamed N. Al-Rushood*, computer science; Renee M. Arnio, psychology; Josh Burr*, math; Dirk Bohn*, English; Susan L. Baxter-Ferguson*, English; Teresa L. Baier*, psychology; Pamela J. Collins*, English; Katherine S. DeKam*, criminal justice; Carrie A. Eckert*, biology; Margot D. Henderson*; Spring P. Holter*, biology; Sandra L. Gall; Sarah J. Gerhardt, pre-business; Kent J. Kippes*, criminal justice; Leah R. Kippes*, psychology; Jamie E. Kuper*, communication disorders; Jeffry J. Ellefson*, pre-business; Kerry A. Hovden, criminal justice; Jessica E. Fordyce, dental hygiene; Jennifer J. Lee*, criminal justice; Molly A. Johnson*; Jodi Johnson, dental hygiene; Paul G. Johnson*, political science; Melissa J. Langle*, English; Chanmi Moon*, biology; Vernon R. McBride*, math; Kendra L. Meyers*, English; Michelle K. Monteith*, psychology; Todd M. Preszler*, biology; Matthew J. Skokan*, math; David L. Scott*, criminal justice; Stefanie L. Senn*, communication disorders; April C. Shimitz*, math; Ingrid Trommer*, English; Clay C. Turner*, psychology; Shane P. Thin Elk*, psychology; Becky A. Vogt*, English; Matthew R. Knutson.

Wakonda � Janet K. Lueth*, biology.

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