Vermillion students can earn scholarship funds

Vermillion students can earn scholarship funds The American Institute For Foreign Study is pleased to offer Vermillion area high school students a once in a lifetime opportunity to study/travel abroad and earn scholarship dollars towards their trip by hosting an Academic Year in America (AYA) high school exchange student arriving this August.

AYA is sponsored by the American Institute For Foreign Study (AIFS) Foundation. This not-for-profit foundation promotes intercultural exchange by sponsoring high school exchange students from around the world to live with American Families and study at local high schools for five or 10 months. Families who host an AYA exchange student with good English skills and motivation can learn about the country, its customs, culture and language. Most importantly, if the American student decides to study travel abroad, the family and student will have made a special friend in the country before he/she even begins his/her adventure!

Vermillion families can earn up to $1,000 towards exciting study abroad programs in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain, or earn up to $500 on summer or winter travel/study programs to Austria, Brazil, Chile, France, Spain or Germany by hosting an AYA student this August.

If interested in studying/traveling abroad and/or to opening your home to an AYA exchange student or know of someone who would, please call Andrea at 1-800-322-4678 ext. 6078. Your decision to study abroad and/or host will be an adventure of a lifetime.

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