Weed booth returns to SD State Fair

Weed booth returns to SD State Fair Weed fighters will see the "Solution to This Year's Thistle Problems" when they stop at the Weed Booth in the Expo Building at the South Dakota State Fair.

That's a promise from Leon Wrage, Extension weed specialist at South Dakota State University, who will be found near the live weed display part of the S.D. Department of Ag Exhibit area.

"One-stop thistle control will be featured this year," said Wrage. "You can also pick up a free copy of a brand new booklet that has color pictures of all the noxious and locally noxious weeds in South Dakota."

Wrage said, "Thistles in pastures, fencelines and along roadsides really were out of hand this year. We really need to step up efforts next year."

He encouraged fair-goers to bring samples of weeds along so specialists will identify the plant and discuss control strategies.

The live weed display as part of the S.D. Department of Ag exhibit area will include tough noxious weeds like leafy spurge and Canada thistle; lawn weeds like crabgrass, and new cropland weeds like waterhemp, woolly cupgrass, and biennial wormwood.

Visitors can get first hand help with thistle control according to Wrage and Darrell Deneke, Extension program coordinator of integrated pest management. Materials are supplied by the S.D. Association of County Weed and Pest Boards.

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