Winners named for demolition derby and pedal tractor pull

Winners named for demolition derby and pedal tractor pull The 1999 demolition derby was held Friday, Aug. 6 at the Clay County Fairgrounds.

First place went to Wayne Benning, Hurley; second place to Fred Balleweg, Vermillion; third place to David Haukaas, Vermillion; fourth place to Craig Reikosski, Valentine, NE; fifth place to Adam Morse, Vermillion; sixth place to Matt Taggart, Vermillion; seventh place to Dan Osterkamp, Hudson.

Consolation winners were Brad Harms, Viborg, and Dan Benjamin, Freeman. Fred Balleweg, Vermillion, won Best Looking Car.

The 1999 Clay County Fair had 115 children participating in the Pedal Tractor Pull Contest. The first and second place winners qualified for the South Dakota State Pedal Pull in Huron on Sept. 4.

Age 4

Boys � 1st Tyler Halverson, Beresford; 2nd Cole Johnson, Vermillion.

Girls � 1st Courtney Johnson, Vermillion; 2nd Heidi Osterberg, Vermillion.

Age 5

Boys � 1st Terry Huber, Mission Hill; 2nd Troy Hunhoff, Yankton.

Girls � 1st Chelsey Cahoon, Beresford; 2nd Elizabeth Bye, Vermillion.

Age 6

Boys � 1st Curtis Fell, Vermillion; 2nd Brandon Fischer, Vermillion.

Girls � 1st Kayla Jochims, Centerville; 2nd Jana Bye, Vermillion.

Age 7

Boys � 1st Michael Hunhoff, Yankton; 2nd Christopher Mart, Vermillion.

Girls � 1st Jennifer Bye, Vermillion.

Age 8

Boys � 1st Daniel Jochims, Centerville; 2nd Blaine Olson, Meckling.

Girls � 1st Nicki Huber, Mission Hill; 2nd Kayla Geuther, Volin.

Age 9

Boys � 1st Lance Boomgarden, Vermillion; 2nd Andy Peterson, Wakonda.

Girls � 1st Brittany Bye, Vermillion; 2nd Kelsey Schindler, Chamberlain.

Age 10

Boys � 1st D.C. Walter, Crofton, NE; 2nd Ryan O'Connor, Vermillion.

Girls � 1st Molly Hammond, Vermillion; 2nd Emma Erickson, Gayville.

Age 11

Boys � 1st Michael Hanson, Meckling; 2nd Cody Hays, Vermillion.

Girls � 1st Elizabeth Hunhoff, Yankton; 2nd Sandra Geuther, Volin.

Age 12

Boys � 1st Chad Huber, Vermillion; 2nd Terry Bye, Gayville.

Girls � 1st Tami Walter, Crofton, NE; 2nd Annie Carlson, Vermillion.

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