Action taken on cable TV franchise

Action taken on cable TV franchise by David Lias The Vermillion City Council took action Monday night that hopefully will lead to a franchise agreement between the city and the new owners of the company that presently holds the city�s cable television franchise.

The council approved an ordinance approving the transfer of control of Zylstra Communications Corporation to its new owner, Mediacom LLC.

The council also agreed to place an ordinance granting a new cable television franchise to the company on its first reading.

Should the city and the cable television company find all provisions of the new ordinance acceptable, it is expected to be granted later this month.

The ordinance will be placed on the city council�s agenda Sept. 20 for its second reading and final approval.

Zylstra�s cable television franchise in Vermillion is scheduled to expire in October. Passage of the proposed ordinance Sept. 20 would serve as a guarantee of uninterrupted cable television service in the city.

�We think we have an ordinance in order that�s not perfect yet, but it�s close,� City Attorney Martin Weeks told the council. �It might be well for the council to approve what we have. Changes can be made before final approval.�

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