Citizens feel threat of speeding motorists

Citizens feel threat of speeding motorists by David Lias People who reside on Catalina Street and Sunset Street, between Lewis and Sycamore streets in Vermillion, no longer feel safe in their neighborhoods.

Speeding motorists are causing homeowners to fear for their lives and property, and especially the lives of the young children who live and play in that neighborhood.

Gary Keller, who resides at 130 Catalina, spearheaded a petition drive after several people witnessed four carloads of teenagers travel down the street at speeds estimated close to 60 miles per hour.

Keller collected nearly 40 signatures, and presented them to the Vermillion City Council.

Keller and other residents of the neighborhood were hoping the city would reduce the speed limit in the neighborhood to 15 miles per hour, and would add a stop sign at the intersection of Sunset and Sycamore.

Reckless drivers have struck trees and fences in the neighborhood, Keller told the city council Monday.

The city council agreed to conduct a traffic study in the area, increase police patrols, and erect speed limit and children at play signs along the affected streets.

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