Clubs Old Settlers Association

The Old Settlers Association will meet Sunday, Sept. 19 at the Vermillion Senior Citizens Center with registration at 11 a.m. and dinner at noon. DonaDee Peterson is president of the organization. The dinner is prepared by Delores Gregg. The cost is $6.50.

Clay County Democrats

The monthly meeting of the Clay County Democrats was held at noon Sept. 8 at the Pro's Restaurant. Dr. Howard Coker, professor emeritus of chemistry and presently serving as compliance officer at The University of South Dakota, was the guest speaker. Dr. Coker was director of research at USD from 1983 until 1996. His research focus has been on the infrared spectroscopy of molecular ions the goal of which was to obtain the effective force constants-strengths of chemical bonds. Dr. Allen Johnson, co-chair of the Clay County Democrats introduced Dr. Coker who spoke of his current research project concerning sedimentation in the Missouri River reservoirs and the effect on the environment. Several interesting questions were raised during the presentation.

A report on the selection process for delegates to the next Democratic Convention is available for review and information may be obtained either from Berwyn Svoboda or Maxine Johnson. The plans for a yard/bake sale were finalized and calling will be completed during the next week. Members are encouraged to bring their donations to the residence of Allen and Maxine Johnson, 2111 North University Road where the sale will be held Sept. 18 from 7:30 to 4 p.m. Articles for sale will include furniture, clothing and miscellaneous household items. There will also be a bake sale.

The next meeting of the Clay County Democrats will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 13 at Pro's at noon; everyone is welcome. Final arrangements have not been completed as yet concerning the speaker at the next meeting.

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