Expectant parents and birth professionals convene

Expectant parents and birth professionals convene Healthy birthing is the goal of parents and professionals alike in South Dakota today. Vermillion will be the host city of this year's Healthy Birth Conference Oct. 1 and 2. Expecting mothers, parents and professionals will gather this year at the continuing education building on the USD campus. The focus of each session will be on how the relationship between care givers and parents effects the outcome of birthing.

This will be the seventh annual conference sponsored by the consumer group, South Dakota Safe Childbirth Options. Angela Callahan, (605) 624-4099 is this year's chairwoman.

In keeping with conference tradition of bringing well known experts in the field of childbirth to South Dakota, those attending the conference will be honored to hear internationally known author, Henci Goer, lecture several topics. Goer's new book, The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth, will be available at the conference. Goer is also the author of the challenging book, Obstetric Myths Versus Research Realities which takes a very close look at research results published in today's medical journals. Surprisingly, research by doctors has confirmed the ineffectiveness or risk of many common procedures still widely used today. Goer, researcher and author, has also been a Lamaze-certified childbirth educator for nearly 20 years and will encourage moms and professionals to create great birthing teams.

USD associate professor of law and business, Michael J. Myers, will launch the conference off with his discussion of corporate medicine and patient rights.

Dan Avery will provide practical advice to parents whose children are due shortly after the new year. He will discuss some practical "peace of mind" preparations for birthing parents who may not have access to medical assistance in the event that transportation and power services are actually interrupted from Y2K.

Margaret Matzke, a Minnesota midwife, will share her insights on birth and South Dakota lobbyist, Emily Stiegelmeier, will inform the public of current legislative issues.

Several pre-conference sessions for parents and professionals concerned with how to assist a birthing woman and newborn in the absence of routine electronic medical technology will be held the day before the main conference. No definitive estimate of the effects of Y2K can be made. So as a service to those who wish to prepare for possible interruptions in power and transportation, the conference will include a Y2K pre-conference for parents and professionals.

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