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FSA Notes By by Keith Zanter 1999 Loan Deficiency Payments (LDP) are available on silage, oatlage and oat for hay, etc. After the silage is harvested (on a pile, in a silo, etc.), a request for this type of loan deficiency payment is make on a CCC-666 LDP form on the day chosen by the producer before losing beneficial interest by feeding of selling the commodity. If cutting silage to be fed immediately (not put on pile) contact the FSA office for the procedure for receiving an LDP on this silage.

Requirements for LDPs

A CCC-709 form is required for grain that goes directly from field to the elevator during harvest. A CCC-709 must be on file in the FSA office before the grain in sold. The Clay County FSA office mailed these forms out the last full week in August. If you did not receive the form, please contact the office at 605-624-7060 Ext. 2.

A CCC-666 form is required to receive the Loan Deficiency Payment for grain that is stored on the farm. The producer chooses the day that he wishes to receive the LDP and signs the CCC-666 in the office before losing beneficial interest by feeding or selling the commodity.

LDP changes for 1999

Production evidence in not required for 1999 Loan Deficiency Payments (LDP). Production evidence is required only for spotchecks. Producers will self-certify the bushels on the application form. The producer should bring in the bin measurements, because they are responsible for quantity requested.

There will be no overrun for 1999. Producers may request a new LDP on additional quantities documented through spotcheck in which producer has maintained beneficial interest and within the 1999 LDP commodities deadline.

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