Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor Thank you, Christmas Angel

To the editor:

This week the Vermillion Area Chamber of Commerce and city lost a good friend and benefactor, Margaret Sletwold. In October of 1998, the Chamber was in the middle of raising money for new Christmas banners for our city streets. At the time the Chamber also found out that none of the lighted pole decorations could be used for another season.

I received the following letter from Margaret � " … I've recently read the Chamber newsletter and would like to help purchase new Christmas decorations for the city. 60 plus years ago my brother, Harold and I helped organize some of the first Main St. Christmas decorations. They consisted of tied green roping! I am pleased to be able to donate $500.00 towards the Holiday Decorations … Margaret Sletwold 10/03/98.

Thanks to her generosity and many others, the chamber was able to purchase the Christmas banners. However the city still needed lighted pole decorations.

At the same time Gloria Christopherson came forward with a donation of $10,000.00 form an anonymous Vermillion resident. The only request from the generous patron was approval of the lighted decorations and anonymity. With this amount 32 light pole decorations were purchased. On Nov. 22, thanks to our "Christmas angel"; Santa threw the switch to turn on the new lights for a festive holiday season in Vermillion.

It was disclosed on Monday, Sept. 13, Vermillion's Christmas Angel was Margaret Sletwold. As a retired Vermillion business owner and resident, Margaret remained an active Chamber member and her generosity to our community will never be forgotten. This Nov. 21 when Santa throws the switch to light up Vermillion for another Christmas season, we know our "Christmas angel" will be smiling down on us. Thank you Margaret.

Bonnie Sorenson, manager

Vermillion Area Chamber of Commerce

Mom squad deserves applause

To the editor:

The moms who have alerted us to the number of cancers in the area are to be applauded. Testing the water is a good place to begin, but I invite them to expand their investigation to include a study of the sprays used so often in the local environment.

Pesticides and herbicides are designed to KILL. Yet they have been sprayed over the city and fields to kill mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and everything from the roaches under the sink to the odors in the bathroom.

Children play in the parks, playgrounds, streets, picnic areas and back yards which have been sprayed. Warehouses, grocery stores, restaurants, and fast food places use some form of control. Hospitals, nursing homes, and day care centers do. A study of the children who rode the bean buggies in the fields a few years ago would be interesting.

Cancer is a whole family of diseases, one form or another of which has touched too many families in the area. Sometimes it lies in wait 20 years before it makes itself manifest.

I was disappointed by the response from the state epidemiologist. What is her job description? I hope some help will come from another source. Good luck in your search.

Kay Wastlund


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