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School comments By Doug Tuetken As homecoming week approaches, preparations for T-Week are underway. This year's T-Week theme is "Dancin Like 1999." But before we discuss the activities planned for the week of Sept. 27, I would like to discuss the impact and importance that T-Week and its activities have on the students at VHS.

In an article written by Robert F. Kanaby and published in the High School Magazine, Kanaby states the opportunities exist in all activity programs that do not exist in the classroom. Kanaby has demonstrated through his research that co-curricular activities teach our children how to work together, learn to compete fairly and learn respect for one's self and others.

In this co-curricular setting Kanaby considers this a hands-on laboratory because activities are an extension of the classroom that teach students how to be productive citizens. Kanaby has determined that students who participate in these co-curricular activities are willing learners that are exposed to teachable moments on a daily basis. Within these activities, concepts of citizenship and character development can be addressed. Kanaby stresses that in today's society, values that are important to our community are not addressed in the homes as it was in previous generations. Because the classroom is directed towards the pursuit of knowledge of subject matter, it is the co-curricular, this hands- on laboratory that allows for the one on one opportunities for directors and coaches to transmit important values and lifelong lessons of citizenship.

Along with Kanaby's research, other studies done by the U.S. Department of Education have shown that students who participate in co-curricular activities have attendance records that are better than those who do not participate, have higher aspirations and expectations and are less likely to do drugs or drop out of school.

With this information, co-curriculars are a viable part of the education process. It is important as adults that with the on-coming of T-Week that we encourage our students and local youth to participate in these activities. These activities will expose our children to teachable moments that will impact them for the rest of their lives. Because positive role modeling by adults is very effective, this is an invitation to all of you to take an active roll in our school activities. Monday Sept. 27 begins an exciting week of activities that are designed to unite the school and community. Under the direction of VHS Student Council the students at VHS will participate in a daily pep assembly. This pep assembly will be conducted over the noon hour. In the assembly the student council will introduce one of the activity teams and their participants and conduct a game for the day. On Monday the girls tennis team will play at Mitchell. On Tuesday the girls basketball team travels to Madison. Thursday the boy's golf team will participate in the Big 8 Conference meet at Madison while the girls tennis team has another match at Yankton. The cross-country team will run at the South Sioux City Invitational. The homecoming royalty will be introduced to the student body during Thursday's assembly. Coronation will be held Sept. 30, Thursday evening at 7:30 p.m. in the high school gym. Following the coronation, a pep rally and the burning of the "V" will take place just south of the high school gym. Immediately following the rally, a reception for the royalty will be held in the high school commons. Throughout the week students will dress to daily themes and will be given prizes by class for their tasteful creativity. Friday's pep rally will be held at the end of the school day. That evening the Tanagers will host South Sioux City. Kickoff is at 7p.m. in the DakotaDome. Following the game a dance will be held in the school gymnasium.

I would personally like to take this opportunity to invite you to any or all of these activities throughout the week. Your presence would be welcomed and appreciated.

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