Schools get software to block unwanted Internet material

Schools get software to block unwanted Internet material Gov. Bill Janklow announced Aug. 27 that state government is giving a special software program called "CyberLibrary" to South Dakota schools to filter out Internet pornography and violence on school computers.

"Most of the Internet is educational and motivates students to learn, but there's also a small percentage of smut and violence that no one wants in the schools," Janklow said. "This special software stops unwanted material from the Internet before it reaches the student's computer in school."

The software is available to all public and private K-12 schools, libraries, universities and technical institutes.

Based on local board policy, local school administrators and teachers will also be able to add to the weekly updated list of categories and websites that won't be allowed on school computers. Blocking websites would be local, not a state decision.

"When the schools start using it this fall, this software will also increase the speed of Internet website access and help keep hackers from entering school computer networks. Another special feature will allow the overnight downloading of highly graphical sites and often-used sites to local servers for easier and faster use by teachers and students during the next school day," Janklow said.

The state's cost is about $500,000. By purchasing the software for all of South Dakota's schools, Janklow received a 77 percent discount in comparison to what individual schools would have paid for it.

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