Tanager girls tennis team goes 2-1 in Brookings quadrangular

Tanager girls tennis team goes 2-1 in Brookings quadrangular By Jim Prosser Coach Barb Rickord moved Anna Ristic to #1 singles for the triple dual meet at Brookings last Friday, and she responded by winning the first match in all three.

�Anna looked confident and strong in leading off for the Tanagers,� she commented. �We played a lot of tennis at Brookings and all the girls improved with each match that day.�

Results of the Rapid City Stevens match were: singles #1 � Anna Ristic, Vermillion, defeated Melanie Feehan, R.C. Stevens, 8-2; Kelly Patnoe, R.C. Stevens, defeated Maya Ristic Vermillion, 8-6 and the remaining scores were in favor of Stevens: #3 � Lindsey Iverson, Vermillion, 5-8; Laura Doohen Vermillion, 2-8; Brenda Banks Vermillion, 2-8; Vanessa Noonan Vermillion, 2-8.

Doubles #1 � Ristic/Ristic, Vermillion, defeated Feehan/

Powers, R.C. Stevens, 8-1, but the remaining doubles

went to Stevens giving them a 7-2 win over the Tanagers.

For the experience of competition, ninth-grader Tori Collins played two JV matches, losing 6-2, and 6-3.

In the Brookings match, Vermillion fared even worse, with Anna Ristic being the only varsity winner (8-2) over Alisha Dalsted, Brookings and JV � Tori Collins winning one, (8-5) and losing one, (3-6). Total team score was 8-1 for the home team.

Against Watertown, Anna gained a little assistance and the Tanagers came away with a 5-4 victory, bringing the season dual record to 3-3. Singles results: #1 Anna Ristic, Vermillion, defeated Jacklyn Engels, Watertown, 8-4; #2 Jamie Erickson, Watertown, defeated Maya Ristic, Vermillion, 9-7; #3 Lindsay Iverson, Vermillion, defeated Amy Nilsen, Watertown, 8-1; #4 Kristin Johnson, Watertown, defeated Laura Doohen, Vermillion, 8-1; #5 Brenda Banks, Vermillion, defeated Beth Erickson, Watertown, 8-4; #6 Vanessa Noonan, Vermillion, defeated Anne Sayler, Watertown, 8-3.

Doubles: Engels/Erickson, Watertown, defeated Ristic/Ristic, Vermillion, 8-4; Nilsen/Johnson, Watertown, defeated Doohen/Noonan, Vermillion, 8-3; and Iverson/Banks, Vermillion, defeated Erickson/Sayler, Watertown, 8-6.

Coach Rickord said, �Many of the individual matches were close (or closer) than the score indicated. We are improving with each match and I�m very pleased with how all the girls are playing.�

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