Tanager tennis team loses match at Yankton

Tanager tennis team loses match at Yankton by Jim Prosser In a third try against the Yankton Gazelles, the Tanager girls tennis team came up short again 6-3. The winning singles for Vermillion were: Anna Ristic over Abbie Schaap (10-2); and Lindsay Iverson defeating Brittany Wilson (10-4). Losses were recorded by Maya Ristic (5-10); Laura Doohen (5-10); Brenda Banks (2-10); and Vanessa Noonan (7-10).

The Ristic/Ristic tandem defeated Shaap/Wilson (10-4) while Doohen/Noonan lost 10-0 to Kyna Williams/Leah Branaugh and Iverson/Banks went through a tight match before losing 11-9 to Julie Hunhoff/Abby Washburn.

The two JV matches were won by Victoria Collins and Britt Fremstad for Vermillion.

The season dual record is now 5-4.

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