8th-grade team completes perfect football season

8th-grade team completes perfect football season Talk about adversity and you must include the six lost fumbles in the football game between the eighth graders from Vermillion Middle School and Yankton Middle School.

The Redbirds overcame the misfortunes but it took two and a half hours to get the job done.

In a "nail-biter" at the Yankton Middle School field the Redbirds captured an unbelievable 34-26 victory over YMS eighth graders in three overtimes on Oct. 19.

When Yankton's Eric Pollard scored on an 18-yard run (and the two-point conversion) with 5:25 left in regulation � the game was tied 14-14 and in spite of a valiant attempt, the Redbirds couldn't make it into the endzone. The first overtime had Vermillion on defense first and a 6-6 result. The second overtime was a repeat of the first so the result was a 6-6 tie. Yankton started on defense in the third overtime and couldn't stop Jared Burcham on the 10-yard end run on first down and his three-yard plunge for the extra two points.

This set up a monstrous defensive stand that left the young Bucks attempting a fourth and goal pass from the 15- yard line which was knocked down by several Redbirds to secure the win. The first two overtime scores were accomplished by B.J. Campbell on short yard plunges.

Individual stats

Trevor Garrett (85 yards/three carries), B.J. Campbell (76 yards/15 carries), Jared Burcham (56 yards/14 carries), and Max Mayer (35 yards/eight carries). Garrett caught four passes for 36 yards including a six-yard touchdown. He also scored on a 30-yard reverse. Campbell scored the extra two points to account for the 34-point total.

The defense was led by Campbell with 14 tackles, a QB sack, blocked EP kick and a field goal attempt. He was supported by Max Mayer with 11 tackles, followed by Kellen Cusick, Paul Abourezk and Collin Prosser with six each. Prosser also had a pass interception as did Adam Brunick and Jeremy Yankton. Zach Mortenson and Paul Hugo each had four tackles (Hugo also had a QB sack). Burcham and Garret chimed in with three each and Garret picked up a QB sack!

With the win, the Redbirds closed out their season with a perfect 5-0 and anticipate joining the Vermillion High School football program in the future.

This year's eighth-grade team included Byron Thomas, Kellen Cusick, Adam Brunick, Sam Necklace, Jared Burcham, Jason Holoch, Geng Wang, Max Swanson, Brian Varns, B.J. Campbell, Max Mayer, Danny Gilbertson, Nick Hansen, Collin Prosser, Mark Amiotte, Paul Abourezk, Steve Neal, Jarrad Packard, Paul Hugo, Zach Holoch, Nathan Scheidel, David Yutrzenka, Zach Mortenson, Chris Rand, Jeremy Yankton, Trevor Garrett and Barry Peyton.

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