City OKs zone change for Buffalo Run Winery

City OKs zone change for Buffalo Run Winery by David Lias Eldon Nygaard�s dream of owning and operating a winery/bed and breakfast on the western outskirts of Vermillion came a step closer to becoming a reality Monday.

The Vermillion City Council agreed with a decision made by the city and county planning commissions on Tuesday, Oct. 12. Those bodies voted unanimously to change the zoning of the proposed site of Buffalo Run Winery from A-1 to B-1.

The winery will be located on West Main Street beyond the city limits, but within Vermillion�s extraterritorial zone.

Nygaard plans to construct a large structure that will house the winery in its basement. Its main floor will be designed for meetings, banquets and other assemblies.

The second floor, made up of five rooms, will house the bed and breakfast.

Nygaard said the main floor will serve another purpose � a gift shop.

�The gift shop will come out (onto the floor) in display cases that are on rollers,� Nygaard said. The shop will feature South Dakota-made products, wine-related products and such products as jams and jellies.

�We think this will complement Vermillion�s facilities. We�ll be able to do things to draw tourism to southeastern South Dakota and Vermillion specifically,� he said.

The county must also approve the zoning change.

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