Clubs Eagles Auxiliary

The Oct. 20 meeting was a round table presided over by President Pat Steckelberg.

Pat thanked everyone who volunteered and assisted in meetings, bingo and events when she could not be present due to family health.

Next meeting is Nov. 3 and discussion will be the district meeting. Please come and help give ideas. The district meeting will be coordinated with the mens anniversary in February 2000.

Senior Citizens Center

Sixty-two card players spent an enjoyable fall day Oct. 20 playing: pitch, 23; pinochle, eight; skip-bo, two; and bridge, 29.

Bridge prizes went to: Shirley Riehle, high; Howard Melstad, second; Glennis Stewart, third; Leona Kryger, fourth; Jim Prosser, blind bogey; and Adeline Isaacson, low.

Refreshments were furnished by Margaret Melby, Eleanor Offerdahl and Rosalie Hubert.

Union County Historical Society

The Union County Historical Society met at the museum Oct. 18, with 22 people present.

Acquisitions this month are: a writing about Union County State Park given by Irene Sommervold; Joni Kjar gave a newspaper article about Union Creek Church; Dianne Gordon gave a scythe; Roland Chicoine gave a self-guiding tour book of our State Capitol building; Delores Merrill gave some cemetery records; Dennis Hultgren gave a 125th year book of the Union Creek Church history; Marie and Dan Fullenkamp gave a fireplace screen and a 30-cup coffee maker; Bill Pohlen and one other individual gave some badly needed wooden clothes hangers.

The museum vacuum cleaner has expired. Now we have a display, not a working model.

Election was held. All incumbents returned to office: Sherri McKee, president; Don Lane, District 4; Ray Lafleur, District 2; Roland Rosenbaum, secretary.

Sherri had put an inquiry out on the Internet about Mahlon Gore. She had a productive answer with stories and history of the Gores. Sherri is talking to people in Nevada and Oregon. Mahlon Gore, the first homesteader in the Territory, left here to go to Sioux City and be in the newspaper business. It is now found that he was a prestigious newspaperman, mayor and celebrated citizen in Orlando, FL.

City Administrater Steve Martin and Mayor Isabel Trobaugh of Elk Point gave the program for the evening. Steve Martin who has a history degree had been city administrator of Holdridge, NE before coming to Elk Point. Martin reported that the city planners are talking to the National Park Service from Niobrara, NE and the Rivers and Trails Conservation Service. The Rivers and Trails representative, Dave Thompson, will hold the first public meeting in Elk Point the last week in October. Martin is optimistic about the Lewis and Clark Campsite.

Isabel Trobaugh told of her recent visit to Pennsylvania to the home of Eugene Gass Painter. Everything in the family mansion is the way it was left by the original Painter family. Trobaugh mentioned a dog-powered butter churn, a family burial crypt down the hill from the house and a buggy still sitting in the barn. There is one building on the farm that was used to make whiskey for George Washington's troops! Visiting the Painter farm would be the highlight of any trip.

Vermillion Garden Club

The Vermillion Garden Club met at the W.H. Over Museum Thursday evening, Oct. 21. Judy Lofgren and our guest, Roberta Iverson, had the program on gourds. Many beautiful gourd creations were displayed. Everyone learned how to make something beautiful from gourds. Gourds were given to club members to take home so they could practice their newly learned techniques.

Vermillion Hospital Auxiliary

The hospital auxiliary was organized on Oct. 3, 1952. A group of women felt there was a need by the hospital and community for such an organization. This group has continued through the years and is still very active and continues to contribute many hours each month to the hospital and care center.

The auxiliary still meets on the first Friday of each month at 2 p.m. in the dining room of the care center. A number of projects have been planned for the coming year. New members and guests are always welcome.

Vermillion Rotary Club

Randy Houska called the meeting to order. Guests this week were Al Pravecek and Jack Marsh as well as five Vermillion High School seniors: Hannah Gehm, Brandon Garret, Melissa Gale, Brandon Gann, and Tyler Engstrom.

Rotarian Dr. Don McCullough introduced Dr. Kelly Higgins, USD athletic director, to let us know how things are going with the various USD teams. The football team is doing quite a bit better than the simple win-loss record might seem to indicate. Soccer, cross country, the swim team, and volleyball all show strength. Basketball looks to be ramping up nicely. A kind of progress was also reported with regard to athletic facilities, namely "the Dome." Improvements have been made. The pool has been reconfigured so that visiting it will not bring on an immediate attack of claustrophobia. Some judicious painting and trimming has brightened up the stadium. An immense clean up campaign carried out by virtually all the college athletes as well as the Vermillion High School football team has tidied up the grounds. Though some may see the Dome as a bit of a "white elephant" it is, in any case, our "white elephant" and the athletic staff and many others are determined to make the facility serve us as well as possible. A new roof is scheduled to go on in the late spring and summer of 2001 and we will hope that all heavy, wet snows will fall elsewhere in the meantime � maybe way down in Houston on the Astrodome which is being discommissioned anyway.

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