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Randy Houska called the meeting to order. Rotarian Kris DeWitt brought guests, her mother, Racheal Westgard and Jeff Grover, new cadre and faculty member of the Department of Military Science at USD. We were also joined by three Vermillion High School seniors: Mary Basom, Todd Anderson and Amy Berg.

A motion was made and carried to continue having our luncheons at the Silver Dollar for the next year at a somewhat higher price but also with the present broad range of choices in menu.

Ken Schmidt, facilities director at USD, presented the program. He explained some of the details of the recently drawn up master plan for building and grounds developments at USD. Major building proposals, such as relocation of the business school and a bottom to top renovation of the medical school, are projected for sometime within the next 10 years as funding arrangements fall into place. Multi-million dollar contributions were of encouraged. Minor, but still dastardly projects, like the paving over the tennis courts to provide for yet another beautiful parking lot at the southeast corner of the campus were also admitted to. All plans are flexible and subject to further consideration.

Union County Historical Society

The Union County Historical Society met Sept. 20 at the museum with 27 people present for Richland night.

Acquisitions for the month are: An army officer's dress blue uniform complete with nameplate, brass and ribbons given by (Ret.) Lt Col. Donald Brant; all of the Patrick Gass and Eugene Gass Painter papers from Pennsylvania given by Kelley Kruithoff; two Norwegian books given by the Irwin Family; Doctor Milburn's article in the Readers Digest; cemetery plot papers and a wool winder.

The Union County Museum is soon going to start a display explaining the Lewis and Clark election site at Elk Point.

Our program for the evening was Rachael Cacek, Master Gardener from Richland. She spoke on her job and the intensive training for this job. She can be called upon to answer all gardening questions the same as the Extension agent. She cannot charge for these services and is the only Master Gardener in Union and Clay counties. There are interns in both counties also.

Opal Noble spoke on the stories of Richland. She comes by it naturally as her grandfather was W.H.H. Fate, historian and writer from Richland. She told about the hotel that used to sit on Second Street.

Marilyn Bennett told about her parents running the store in Richland. They were in a long succession of proprietors. Marilyn's mother had a saying that they lived on Maple Street and Plum ? out of town. The school had been well attended at one time with 60 students.

Walter Bennett told about nine original houses still being used. The grist mill at the Sioux River closed in 1918 or 1919. When asked about the hilly point of land that the town lies beside, he said this was a spot where the elk were supposed to have wintered so there have been arrow heads found in this area.

Senior Citizens Center

Great autumn weather found 40 card players enjoying Wednesday afternoon at the Senior Citizen Center Sept. 22.

Bridge players numbered 21. Adeline Isaacson had high; Irene Rabusch, second, Marlys Miller and Maurice Erickson, tied for third, Howard Melstad, blind bogie and Lola Christensen, low.

Twelve people played pitch, four played pinochle and three played skip-bo.

Refreshments were furnished by Margaret Schmidt, Jim Prosser, Doris Swanson and Norma Fallan.

The autumn weather many have cooled but the interest in card playing never slacked off. Monday's card party had 40 card players. Twelve played pinochle, 12 played pitch and 16 played bridge. Bridge prizes went to Shirley Riehle, high; Midge Carlson, second; Jim Prosser, third and Marie Parke, low.

Refreshments were furnished by Shirley Raab, Marilyn Siecke and Midge Carlson.

A door prize was won by Maurice Erickson and $2 drawings went to Leone Christopherson, Wilma Bugbee, Midge Carlson, Barb Kronaizl, Erna Frahm, Phyllis Christol and Garnette Perry.

Come join us Wednesday and the last Monday of the month.

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