Cross-country teams are champs

Cross-country teams are champs Vermillion's Eric Dehner led the Tanagers to the boys team championship at the Region 3A 5000 meter cross country run at the Lenkota Course in Lennox on Oct.15.

His clocking of 16:49 was 21 seconds better than the second place finisher, Nick Abbas of Lennox, followed at third by Dustan Hovorka (Dakota Valley). Fourth, fifth and sixth place were John Ring, Jordan Thompson and Darryl Neufeld, all from Vermillion, to contribute to the 16-point first place finish.

Also placing in the top 16 runners were Tyler Engstrom and Shane Manning in the 11-school event. Dakota Valley was second with 35 points.

In the Region 3A 4000 meter run for the girls, Kathy Plate (V � 15:27) was second to pace the first place team score of 20. Tanager placers were: Megan Griffith, fourth; Beth Pier, seventh, Natalie Tuetken, eighth, Angie Rydell, 11th, and Emily Pier, 14th. The first place runner from the Scotland Highlanders was Mary Bennett whose time was posted as 15:26.76 in what became a dead heat at the finish line.

The Lennox Oriole team's score was the same as Vermillion's (20), but Angie Rydell, our fifth runner, was six places better than Lennox's fifth, and that determined the championship for the Tanager girls cross country team.

Coach Dave Dannenbring was extremely happy with the teams' performances.

"This was one of the best races of the season for us as a whole team," he said. "We ran with confidence and maintained our positions throughout the race."

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