DARE report Building self-esteem

DARE report Building self-esteem This week in D.A.R.E. your student learned that self-esteem results from both positive and negative feelings and experiences. The students learned that developing positive attitudes about their abilities and achievements is important in building self-esteem. They learned that poor self-esteem is one of the factors associated with drug misuse. Also in this session they learned about their own qualities and how to compliment other students.

Listed below are several topics for discussion to help you reinforce what your child learned:

* What are some ways we can increase our own self-esteem while increasing other people's self-esteem at the same time? (Compliments, doing something nice for someone)

* Describe a person with high self-esteem. (Happy, helpful, fun to be around, makes own decisions)

* How can having high self-esteem help a person resist pressure to use drugs or do things that are wrong?

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to attend your child's D.A.R.E. class: Officer Chad J. Gillen, Vermillion Police Department, phone 677-7070.

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