Major building project approved

Major building project approved by David Lias The Vermillion City Council agreed Monday to go ahead with a major construction project planned for the Vermillion City Landfill by awarding bids to Daren Construction, Inc. of Sioux Falls.

The Sioux Falls contractor will be constructing a new balefill facility at the landfill. The cost of the new structure will be $412,385.

The awarding of the contract had been delayed several weeks as Vermillion worked to lower the cost of the project.

The balefill operation will sort and compress solid waste into bales that will be placed in the landfill.

Officials budgeted $375,000 to $400,000 for the construction of the building.

However, when the Vermillion City Council first bid the project, the lone bid came in at $650,000.

Vermillion rejected that bid and had HDR Engineering redesign the project so it could be rebid.

When the second bid came in at $450,000, the city council tabled a vote on the proposal for one week to allow staff to meet with the contractor to review possible cost-saving changes in the building�s design.

The city council reviewed a list of 11 ways to reduce the total cost of the building. Not all of the recommendations received the support of city officials, however. Changing the type of roof on the building, for example, would trim $6,500 from the bid.

But City Engineer Bill Welk feared that such a change would shorten the life span of the roof, eventually leading to repairs that would likely cost more than $6,500.

The Joint Powers Authority that operates the landfill facility has a $330,000 bid on baler equipment that eventually will be housed in the new building.

A major component that won�t be included in the building will be an office. City officials plan to use a small trailer for office space and budget to construct an office addition to the building in the near future.

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