Make A Difference Day is Oct. 23 in Vermillion

Make A Difference Day is Oct. 23 in Vermillion by David Lias Vermillion Beautiful, Inc., a local non-profit agency, will be participating in the national Make A Difference Day on Oct. 23 by planting trees on the north side of Cherry Street.

Judy Clark, a spokesperson for Vermillion Beautiful, Inc, said at least 24 trees will be planted along a stretch of Cherry Street between Plum and Jefferson streets.

�Volunteers will meet at the SESDAC parking lot at 9:30 a.m.,� Clark said, �and the trees will be delivered there. We will have teams of workers from fraternities, sororities, the USD Student Senate, and volunteers from local groups.�

The group will be planting marshal seedless ash trees, which are the same type as those that line Cherry Street by the USD campus.

Created by USA Weekend magazine, Make A Difference Day is an annual national event that takes place on the fourth Saturday of every October.

In 1998, almost two million people volunteered on that day, accomplishing thousands of projects.

Vermillion Beautiful, Inc. is seeking both volunteer help and donations to help pay for the trees.

The cost of each tree, including planting and mulching, is $50.

Vermillion�s volunteers will dig holes, plant the trees, add mulch and water the new additions to the Cherry Street boulevard with a water tank they will borrow from the city�s parks department, Clark said.

Anyone interested in participating in this project may call Clark at 624-9795, or simply show up at SESDAC at 9:30 a.m. Oct. 23.

Last year, the communities of Rosholt, Tabor, Gettysburg and Yankton received state and local recognition for their Make A Difference Day projects.

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