Reeves participates in Junior Olympics finals

Reeves participates in Junior Olympics finals Heather Reeves, daughter of Debra and John Coaker of Vermillion and Dean Reeves of Norfolk, NE, recently returned from Cincinnati, OH where she traveled to compete in the 1999 National AAU Junior Olympics. Competitions were held throughout the summer in various areas for athletes to qualify for eligibility to compete at the national event.

Heather qualified by placing second in solo one-baton and first in solo two-baton. She was the only twirler from South Dakota to qualify.

At the AAU Junior Olympics, Heather qualified for the finals in both events by pacing in the top 10 (third in solo one-baton and first in solo two-baton) in the preliminary competition. In the finals she placed third overall in both solo one-baton and solo two-baton and received bronze medals in both events.

This is the first year the baton twirling has been recognized as a sport in the AAU Junior Olympics. There were 463 twirlers competing, making baton twirling the fourth largest sport (based on number of participants) of the 26 sports represented at this year's competition.

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