Tennis team wins at Mitchell

Tennis team wins at Mitchell Coach Barb Rickord's Tanager team returned to their winning ways with a 5-4 decision over the Mitchell Kernels at Mitchell on Monday, Sept. 27.

"This was a good win for us," she said. "Vanessa Noonan clinched the victory with a 11-9 decision at #6 singles. We're looking forward to playing Sioux Falls Washington (and Lincoln) before the state tounament October 7-9."

Varsity results:

Singles � #1 Anna Ristic, V, def. Nina Vyas, M, 10-0; #2 Maya Ristic, V, lost to Aubre Clemens, M, 3-10; #3 Lindsay Iverson, V. def. Laura Klinkhammer, M, 10-6; #4 Mallory Meyers, M, def. Laura Doohen, V, 10-7; #5 Brenda Banks, V, lost to Laura Buche, M, 7-10; and #6 Vanessa Noonan, V, def. Corissa Butterfield, M, 11-9.

Doubles � Ristic/Ristic, V, def. Clemens/Butterfield, M, 10-8; Klinkhammer/Meyers, M, def. Doohen/Noonan, V, 10-2; and Iverson/Tracey Walworth, V, def. Vyas/Buche, M, 10-1.

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