DARE Report by Officer Chad Gillen Reducing violence

DARE Report by Officer Chad Gillen Reducing violence This week in D.A.R.E. your students learned that destructive acts of violence are inappropriate ways to deal with anger and resolve disagreements. Your child learned several acceptable ways to resolve disagreements without resorting to destructive acts.

Listed below are several topics for discussion to help you reinforce what your child learned:

* Name two helpful ways to deal with a disagreement. (Apologize, talk the problem over)

* Name one way to calm down angry feelings. (Take a deep breath, exhale, and count to 10)

* What is another name for a destructive action? (Violence)

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to attend your child's D.A.R.E. class: Officer Chad J. Gillen, Vermillion Police Department, phone 677-7070.

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